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A little Monteverde History

(*The Photographs are courtesy of Marvin and Cecil ROCKWELL )

Monteverde was first inhabited in the 1930's by Costa Ricans colonist who were trying to make a living by logging and farming, claiming undeveloped land quite similar the the early far west times. In 1949, 4 pacifist Quakers from Alabama were jailed for refusing the Korean War draft.

In 1951, 44 Quaker settlers from 11 families came to the area and coined the name (meaning Green Mountain in Spanish).

Vista Verde Lodge Project started in 1991 wit the construction of the access roads, where today you can find the Hotel’s installations.

Vista Verde Lodge








*The first steps to wealth: construction of
Monteverde Cheese Factory

Step by step the facilities had been improved, first by installing home produced power and water supply by our own wells.

In the early days access was difficult and the tourists were almost not to find. Agriculture was the first income and its industry has developed to be number one in quality.

During the years Monteverde has developed to be one of Costa Rica’s best areas to combine vacation and nature.

*Wood burning boiler in cheese factory, 1954
Vista Verde monteverde
*The first accomodations in 1951 were simple
Cecil's Rockwell, Tent House
vista verde lodge monteverde
*Monteverde Cheese Factory 1956
one of the first cheese productions with the new forms (before Quaker Oat cans were used)
Monte verde Costa rica
*1952: Trapiche Hill, access was not easy
Manpower, animalpower and motorpower
vista verde lodge
*Abner & Irma Rockwell
Long before the lodging project
The first pension in Monteverde